How To Build High Converting Display Advertising Campaigns

In establishing your online presence, maximising the digital marketing tools and utilising them to your advantage will help you win the competition. Proven marketing strategies like display advertising will boost your chances of getting online exposure, increase your CTR and ROI.  This article will give you the foolproof formula in building high converting display advertising campaigns. 

What Are Display Ads?

These are the paid adverts that emerge in front of website users in the form of graphics. Usually appears as a small rectangle, with images and buttons on the top, bottom or sides of the web page. 

Two types of Display Advertising: Cold Ad Traffic and Retargeting Ad Traffic. 

Cold Ad Traffic is placing an advert on all sites relevant to your target market’s needs or interests. You can maximise your CTR and conversions by split testing your ads to eliminate non-converting ads.

Retargeting allows you to follow all your visitors by dropping a browser pixel and displaying your ads on sites, advertise to them until they are ready to purchase. 

The popularity of display ads or banner ads are visible on the average ad spending with 44.1%  on a desktop while 55.9% on mobile as of October 2019, according to Statista. Small businesses are primary contributors to its popularity. Among the industries spending on banner ads are the following, 22.5% are retail industries, and 39% are services & other fields. The targeting accuracy of display advertising campaigns makes it a convenient online marketing strategy to use. 

Bet you are eager to know how to build high conversion display advertising campaigns. Below are the key elements that will help you. 

Key Elements in Building High Conversion Campaigns

1. Audience Targeting. Designing your display ad according to your target audience will help you reach the specific market, and generate higher CPM. Recognising your market’s demographics behavior, location, and type are factors essential in developing your campaign. Targeting a specific audience will decrease the errors and maximises your ad spending accuracy with an increased number of consumers generating ROIs. 

2. Visually Stunning Banner Ads. Drawing your audience’s attention is a key element in building banner ads.  Make your ad value-based, with relevant graphics, and a strong CTA to accentuate the advert’s message.  Keep in mind that you must highlight the relevance of the product to your audience and lead them to your website and take action. Visually appealing ads must be clean and consistent with what your brand is promoting. 

3.Strong CTA. In every display ad, CTA’s are the most critical, directing the audience to what action to implement, with your ad. You can lead your target market to your landing page, by making your call to action button enticing. Offering free reports, case studies, and downloads, are among the attractive CTA’s to use. Consistency and relevance of your CTA will help your campaign generate conversions.

4.Landing Page. Another element that will help you increased your conversion is the landing page. Leading your prospect to your landing page that features the same offer, color scheme,  and message builds the rapport that will entice prospects to purchase. 

5.Display Ad Monitoring. Monitoring your display ads conversions allows you to make the amendments necessary in generating conversions and ROIs. Tracking the lead conversions and traffic of each campaign provides marketing insights regarding your customer’s demographics. Through constant monitoring, you will be able to eliminate ineffective campaigns. 

What Can Display Ads Do To Your Business? 

1.Quick Results. Display ads generate quick results traceable through the data generated from the traffic, and conversions of the campaign. By incorporating the key elements in building high converting display advertising campaigns, you will be able to reach a specific target market and increase your ROI in real-time. 

2.Maximise your marketing reach. Through display ad marketing your brand to the right market on a bigger scale will help you establish your online presence and business sustainability. Display advertising campaigns allows you to retarget prospects over and over again until they make a purchase. Building high converting campaigns will improve your chances of profit reaching prospects from local to global scale depending on the market bracket. 

3.Not time-consuming. Unlike SEO, display ads are less time-consuming with less work to do. The important factor to remember in display advertising is to build high converting ads, know your target market, and track your campaign progress. 

4.Cost-effective. Display ads cost less than SEO and PPC making it attractive for small businesses to utilise. In PPC, you will pay for the clicks with no branding and follow up marketing, while display ad enables you to retarget prospects and improve your branding with cost per impressions payment scheme. 

Who can help you?

Display advertising experts can help you build high converting campaigns that will boost your conversions and ROIs. They have the tools and experience to ensure marketing success to the optimum level. If you are wary about your digital marketing skills but eager to achieve online presence, display advertising campaigns are proven effective with statistics increasing annually.

Designing consistent and relevant campaigns that will skyrocket your revenue without spending too much is you need.

Let the experts do the hard work for you. 

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