Why Use Video Marketing For Your Business

Video Marketing

The unparalleled competition in digital marketing has already expanded, with various platforms accessible online. Consumers expect to find relevant products online and credible companies. The dependence on the internet for almost everything opens possibilities for businesses to explore and market their brand. 

Video marketing is among the popular channel to attract prospects online. Statistics about the high demand of consumers looking for video content on brands they supported has increased to 54%, according to HubSpot, 2018. 

Most businesses hire influencers to help them promote their brand online through optimized video content. As a result of video marketing’s success, according to Wyzowl 2019 report, 87% of digital marketers use video marketing in establishing online visibility increased leads and conversions. Ensure that the video content you share or post on social media is customer-centric, value-based and reliable information. Building a positive rapport through video content that will highlight the relevance of the product will lead to customer’s trust and loyalty.  According to Animoto 2018 report, 88% of video marketers are happy with their video marketing results. 

How was that to convince you about the effectiveness of video marketing for your business? If stats are not enough, below are the benefits of video marketing to get you started.

Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

  • Increase brand awareness. People find video streaming conveniently than reading articles. Social media is the best platform to post relevant videos about your brand, optimising your video content for your prospects helps build your brand awareness. 
  • Boost your conversions. Incorporating videos on your websites and landing pages. 81% of consumers state that video marketing influences them to purchase products online. With the number of consumers trusting video marketing and product influencers to endorse brands or products, your chances of increasing ROIs are feasible.  
  • Improve your ranking. Embedding videos on your website makes you visible for search engines. Website visitors spend time streaming featured videos for information, or entertainment. The longer these visitors spend on your website, it signals Google that your site features valuable content. 
  • Increase your ROIs. Highly-optimised video content builds trust and loyalty with your consumers. 57% of them are convinced about the significance of a product, especially, those products endorsed by influencers. Through video marketing prospects will find your brand credible, encouraging them to buy your product. 

Video Types to Boost your Business

  • Offer Videos

These are videos that offer products or sales and discounts. Using offer videos on your ads attracting more prospects.

  • How-to Videos

These are videos that demonstrate tutorials or DIY projects and solutions highlighting your brand.

  • FAQ Videos

You can build a relationship through this video type by answering questions from your prospects. 

Utilising video marketing as your marketing channel generates skyrocketed business benefits that will increase your traffic, conversions, and ROIs. Optimise each video content to convert your viewers into customers by building a relationship with them making them your brand promoters.

If you are looking for the perfect video marketing strategy, hiring professional marketers is what you need. 

Boost your business and get more conversions. 

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